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**Indicates new this week
4.5% ABV
American Wheat brewed with Citra hops, this beer is easy-drinking, bright and citrusy with a soft, pillowy finish.
(Try a shandy with our lemon simple syrup.)

*Matka Piv*
5.5% ABV
This classic Czech Premium Pale Lager has a light, golden color and drinks easy with light sweetness matched with a slight bitterness.
Na zdraví!

New Boston Common
5.8% ABV
With a caramel-like malt taste and a smooth finish, this easy-drinking California Common is perfect for the winter.

4.5% ABV
Tart and refreshing sour, with a nice balance of sweet blood orange and refreshing cucumber. Now available in 4-packs of 16oz cans!

Club 51
3.9% ABV
A session IPA with a big mango nose and a crisp finish, featuring KS Hop Co’s Kanook hops. The first beer in our Golden Cat Series, collaborations with former KSU football players. Nick Feightner (co-owner of Kansas Hop Company) and Jake Voegeli (MBC co-owner) both wore number 51 while playing at KSU.

Tasty IPA
5.9% ABV
Classic west coast style IPA brewed with Cascade and Amarillo.
Now available in 4-packs of 16oz cans!

*Macho Double IPA*
9.3% ABV
Big and delicious! Savagely overloaded with Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, Willamette and Amarillo hops, this double IPA boasts 90 IBUs. Like a Flying Elbow Drop to your taste buds! Now available in single and 4-packs of 16oz cans!

Lemon Saison
7.1% ABV
Saison with lemon peel and a touch of black pepper. Deceptively easy to drink. Now available in 4-packs of 16oz cans!

All By Myself
8.1% ABV
A collaboration with our friends at Walnut River Brewing, this beer is a take on their Warbeard Irish Red with a Belgian twist. We added Belgian yeast and cocoa nibs to give a smooth, chocolaty finish.

Sky Puncher
8.25% ABV
Fruity and complex, yet surprisingly drinkable. This Belgian Strong Ale will have you headbanging all night long.

Polyester Pigeon
9.3% ABV
Belgian Tripel with big notes of clove and slight Belgian Spice. This pigeon packs a serious punch. (Pairs well with orange juice for a beermosa at brunch.)

Duke of MHK
8.5% ABV
British strong ale with a slightly dry finish. Now available in 4-packs of 16oz cans!

Nitro Stout
6.6% ABV
Creamy stout served on nitrogen, a beer that will get you through the rest of 2020 and winter 2021.

Brut Porter
6.7% ABV
Dark, malty and complex. Starts with roasty malt, but finishes dry and light.

Bourbon Barrel Lil Sweet
8% ABV
Vanilla, oak, bourbon and a chocolatey, smooth finish. Aged for 3 months in bourbon barrels and perfect for sipping with friends. (Also available in 16oz cans.)

Flint Hills AF
9.2% ABV
A big coconut stout brewed with vanilla, cocoa nibs, lactose and a heaping amount of coconut. This ridiculously awesome collaboration with our friends at Parks N' Pints gives $1 of every pour to scholarships for students researching public lands.

Beer Engine
Check out the board behind the bar for the current selection pouring on our beer engine.

14% ABV
Our house-made red sangria.

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